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Hydrates the skin surrounding the nails and cuticles

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Lola Lee Nail Cuticle Oil

Benefits Include:

Moisturizes The Cuticle, Skin, And Nail

It Can Protect The Cuticle And Nail Against Damage

Improves Health And Appearance Of The Cuticles And Nails

Prevents Drying Out And Splitting Of The Cuticle

Stimulate Nail Growth

Application Process:

You can brush it on the skin around your nail, then take a minute to massage the oil into your cuticles and the skin around your nails

Lola Lee Cuticle Oil should be used at least once per day or applied as often as you need to.
It is best to apply Lola Lee Cuticle Oil every night.

Lola Lee Cuticle Oil should be applied once you have completed your Lola Lee Gel Polish application.
If you are applying nail polish you can either apply the cuticle oil once you have prepped the natural nails before you apply Lola Lee Nail Polish, but be sure to remove all excess oil on the nail plate before applying your Lola Lee Nail Polish.
You can also apply the Lola Lee Cuticle Oil when you have completed the Lola Lee Nail Polish application, but be very careful not to smudge the newly painted nails.

When you are soaking off your gel polish it is advised to apply Lola Lee Cuticle Oil around your nail before you soak them off, this will protect and nourish the skin around your nail and prevent the skin from drying.

Additional Information:

Did you know?
It takes around two to three hours for the Lola Lee Cuticle Oil to completely absorb and dry.
Reapply as often as you need to.

Product Information:

15ml Bottle
Net Weight: 0,15 KG
Bottle Dimensions: 3 * 3 * 8 CM

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