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Use to dehydrate the nail plate to ensure longevity of the product.

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Lola Lee Prep It removes grease and cleans the nail surface which assists the adhesion of the Lola Lee Base Coat to the natural nail. It is acid-free.

Benefits Include:


Reduces Product Lifting

Application Process:

Be sure to follow Lola Lee’s Hygiene Recommendations before starting any application process.
Prior to any base coat apply Lola Lee Prep It to the natural nail plate. Ensure that you do not touch your skin around the nail.

Additional Information:

Did you know?
People that have oily skin, usually also have the surface of their nails greasy.
Your natural nail will have a matte finish once it has been applied.

Product Information:

15ml Bottle
Net Weight: 0,15 KG
Bottle Dimensions: 3 * 3 * 8 CM

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