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Softens and dissolves cuticles

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Lola Lee Nail Cuticle Remover softens and dissolves the cuticles. Making it a pain-free experience when removing the cuticle off the nail plate and pushing cuticles back.

Benefits Include:

Removing The Cuticle Off Your Nail Plate Exposes More Nail Plate Which Improves The Overall Look Of Your Nail.

Removing The Cuticle Off Your Nail Plate Eliminates Lifting Of The Product

Prevents The Skin From Growing With Your Nail

Can Be Used In Salons And At Home

Application Process:

Be sure to follow Lola Lee’s Hygiene Recommendations before starting any application process.

Step 1
Apply Lola Lee Cuticle Remover to all your cuticles. Allow this product +/- 1 min to soften your cuticles.

Step 2
Gently push back your cuticles from the nail plate with a Lola Lee Cuticle Pusher. Metal Cuticle Pushers do a good job, but please be gentle! You only want to remove your cuticle and not a layer of your nail. Double-check for cuticle debris by pulling back the sidewalls of the nail.

Step 3
Remove any filing dust and Cuticle Remover by cleansing the nail with a Lola Lee Nail Wipe and a drop of Lola Lee Sani Liquid.

Additional Information:

Did you know?
Lola Lee Cuticle Remover will continue to soften the cuticles, so you must ensure that the product is thoroughly wiped off.

Product Information:

15ml Bottle
Net Weight: 0,15 KG
Bottle Dimensions: 3 * 3 * 8 CM

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