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Lola Lee Dura Gel is best described as a hybrid formula between the durability of acrylic and elasticity of gel. Lola Lee Dura Gel has a “putty” type of viscosity. The product is dispensed from the tube and is applied after Lola Lee base coat.

Benefits Include:

Excellent workabillity

No Bond or Primer required

Gel-acrylic hybrid formula

Easy, smooth spreadability

Available in 5 Prime Colours

Lola Lee Base Coat Required

Suitable for natural nail overlays or extensions

Additional Information:

Lola Lee Dura Gel is used in conjunction with Lola Lee Slip Solution and Lola Lee Dura Gel Brush.

The Lola Lee Slip Solution is used to mould the product to the desired application. The liquid makes the consistency of the dura gel thinner for easy shaping.

The Lola Lee Dura Gel Brush has a spatula on the one side to remove the product from the tube and a brush on the other end to mould the Dura Gel.


Lola Lee Dura Gel should be cured for 60 seconds.

Product Information:

60g Tube
Net Weight: 0,06 KG
Bottle Dimensions: 3 * 4,5 * 13,5 CM


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