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Professional, Salon Quality Nail Polish

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Lola Lee Nail Polish is a 7 step nail polish application. All our Nail Polish Colours are 10 Free and are not tested on animals.

Benefits Include:

83 Colours To Choose From

Easy Application Process

Easy To Remove With Lola Lee Cuticle Remover

High Gloss Finish

Colours Are Matched With Lola Lee Gel Polish Colours

Professional, Salon Quality Nail Polish

Can Be Used In Salons And At Home

Application Process:

Please visit the Lola Lee Training Page for more information. Be sure to follow Lola Lee’s Hygiene Recommendations before starting any application process.

Step 1
File your nails with a Lola Lee 100/180 Nail File to your desired length and shape them. If you use a nail clipper, ensure they are evenly shaped.

Step 2
Apply Lola Lee Cuticle Remover to all your cuticles. Allow this product +/- 1 min to soften your cuticles.

Step 3
Gently push back your cuticles from the nail plate with a Lola Lee Cuticle Pusher. Metal Cuticle Pushers do a good job, but please be gentle! You only want to remove your cuticle and not a layer of your nail. Double-check for cuticle debris by pulling back the sidewalls of the nail.

Step 4
Remove any filing dust and Cuticle Remover by cleansing the nail with a Lola Lee Nail Wipe and a drop of Lola Lee Sani Liquid.

Step 5
Apply a thin layer of Lola Lee Nail Polish Base Coat. Allow for 2 minutes to dry between each layer.

Step 6
Apply 2 thin coats of Lola Lee Nail Polish Colour of your choice. Allow for 2 minutes to dry between each layer.

Step 7
Apply a thin layer of Lola Lee Nail Polish Top Coat.

Additional Information:

Did you know?
To speed up the drying time, ensure you apply very thin layers of nail polish and give each coat enough time to dry – no less than 5 minutes before painting another.
Depending on your application it can take nail polish anywhere from 2-24 hours to be completely dry.
You may find the nail polish is touch dry but is still able to smudge. This will determine how thin/thick each layer was applied. Please allow the polish time to dry.
Lola Lee Nail Polish Colours should be used in conjunction with Lola Lee Nail Polish Base and Top Coat.

Product Information:

15ml Bottle
Net Weight: 0,15 KG
Bottle Dimensions: 3 * 3 * 7.5 CM

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